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The Asia Research Center at Vietnam National University, Hanoi (ARC-VNU) was established in 2002 under the agreement between Vietnam National University, Hanoi and Korea Foundation for Advanced Studies (now Chey Institute for Advanced Studies). As the first established center in the ARC network, the ARC-VNU has become a flagship in fulfilling its missions of fostering scientific research, promoting academic advancement and enhancing mutual understandings and collaboration.


ARC-VNU has now developed into a dynamic research and academic hub in Vietnam which plays a visible role in promoting high-quality research and training activities at various universities and research institutions in Vietnam. Our agile model of operation also provides settings for national and international projects, seminars, conferences, special lecturers, scientific and training workshops, academic and cultural exchange programs and activities, etc.


The complex and unprecedented changes, the ambiguity and uncertainty arising from the global pandemic, emerging technology, globalization and other international dynamics require us to focus our attention on creative and innovative thinking and doing, navigate the challenges facing the region and the world and engage them in our future initiatives. ARC-VNU will continue to evolve as a thriving center from where the advancement of academic scholarship, research, innovation and collaboration will contribute to the sustainable growth and prosperity in Vietnam, region and the world.


We welcome you to visit our website for further detailed information on our previous works and we look forward to partner with you in our future endeavors.


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Dr. Nguyen Thi Anh Thu


VNU Asia Research Center

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